In 2014 Kari started a journey that she soon discovered had no ultimate destination--one that would be a lifelong travel of both spiritual and physical growth, strength, and flexibility. Yoga taught her mindfulness, a practice that brings inner peace. Through her practice, she is able to channel that peace to gain a level of self-love and care that she deemed impossible in her younger years.

Yoga continues to challenge Kari as it reminds her there is always room to grow. She attains balance that allows her to find things forwhich to be grateful, while always striving to be better. She shares these values with her children by teaching them kindness, and that at the very least, we should always do what we can to spread love within our circle.

Kari’s favorite pose is dancer pose. It allows her to test her balance, flexibility, and strength, all while
feeling beautiful and free in a pose that seems to always be reaching for the next good vibe.

Spread peace, love, and all that hippie shit! XO

Cali Love:

San Diego is her favorite city in California. This is where she was reacquainted with her brother
and best childhood friend after his service in the military. The beauty of the area alongside knowing she
was bringing her kid brother home will always be one of her happiest times in life.