Teaches: Basics, HOT Yoga, Power, Kids & Family Yoga

Cassandra is one of our very own California Yoga 200 hour certified instructors.  A small-town Northern Michigan girl that ended up traveling and living around the world raising her family as part of their military life.  That environment has taught her to be open to the unexpected and that there truly is beauty everywhere.  It’s the people that make a place home and the small things really do mean the most…so does a smile! Allow life to surprise you!

Cassandra is passionate about her yoga practice and truly feels blessed to be able to share it as an instructor as well.  She loves working with all ages, all bodies, basically all EVERYTHING! She is a strong believer that tapping into your breath as you move (whether it’s in your physical yoga practice, your day or your relationships) will calm the mind allowing your heart to be heard.

Whether you are coming to one of Cassandra’s classes for a physical challenge, a spiritual connection, community, some laughs or all of the above she feels strongly that it will be YOUR practice.  Celebrate your uniqueness. 

“Your body is a powerful teacher, learn to listen to it.  Your mind is your biggest distraction, learn to quiet it.”