Teaches: Power, Restorative, Basics & Meditation 

Stephanie is a happy yogi and you will always catch her with a smile on her face. In fact, smiling and yoga are her two favorite things. As a passionate dental hygienist she has found that incorporating yoga has improved her ergonomics and skeletal muscle structures. She believes everyone should do yoga, especially dental hygienists!


Stephanie is certified by Yoga Alliance and completed her 200 hour training here are California Yoga. She jokes that this is her second home. Steph is a ray of sunshine and brings a happy spirit to the studio. She brings intention, breath and dynamic movement to her fun and playful classes. You’ll find yourself smiling and feeling strong and empowered when you take her class.


Stephanie has deepened her practice with several international yoga retreats and is beyond thankful that yoga is a big part of her life. She says that yoga isn't just for our physical bodies, but more for the soul. Yoga can improve our cognitive thought, bring awareness of ourselves and others, and ultimately help improve our habits. She believes that yoga is a direct pathway to health and wellness. Her hope is that others will use yoga as a tool to deepen self-accountability and acceptance. Come take one of Steph’s classes and leave with a big smile, plus her savasana massages are like heaven!

Shine bright