Elizabeth Noble is a ballerina turned yogi who aspires to enlighten others about the benefits of yoga in our daily lives. 

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Elizabeth has been a dancer all her life. In college, Elizabeth was a dance major and was struggling with an unhealthy lifestyle and body image that ultimately led to a series of injuries. Elizabeth found yoga as a way to heal her body both mentally and physically. Little did she know that her life would be forever changed. 

Since then, Elizabeth has completed two teacher trainings. Her most recent teacher training was a 300 hour Jivamukti immersion program in Nosara, Costa Rica. Elizabeth’s roots have a traditional foundation, as she is most concerned with moving correctly in order to avoid injury and to maximize the benefits of the postures. Elizabeth believes that by cleansing the body, we are cleansing the soul. 

Growing up, Elizabeth’s Aunt and Uncle lived in LA, so she has been visiting California her whole life. Her favorite place so far is Santa Monica, but she has a feeling San Francisco will be her favorite once she visits, as she has a free-spirited, hippie soul. 

Elizabeth’s classes are upbeat and sweaty with a perfect balance between mind and body. Expect to focus on keeping the integrity of the poses and to challenge the confines of your comfort zone.

Come vibe with me!