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SAVE THE DATE & book your spot for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime. Discover Ocala Ranch with Kimi Fankhauser, Katya Seymour, Rhonda Long and more renowned healers & industry leaders.

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the pastures with horses roaming and hot coffee or tea before morning meditation and yoga.  Enjoy horseback riding right from our compound onto the National Park trails that intertwine with the property.  

One Reiki or life-coaching session with Rhonda is included, nightly sound baths by Katya Seymour assisted by Kimi (both certified practitioners), pickle ball courts, mountain bikes provided, healthy breakfasts every morning and nutritious healthy dinners nightly by a local chef.  Enjoy the stunning pool or hot tub with a good book or podcast or hike at your leisure. Enjoy evening bonfires among your California Yoga pals & instructors, guided manifesting sessions, and more...

This retreat is woman centered/women only.  


Enter the NEW YEAR with like minded souls inspiring, connecting, sharing and caring.  Bring your manifestations and goals!


1:1 Life-coaching Sessions with Rhonda Long $85/hour

Additional Reiki Sessions with Rhona Long $85/hour

Thai Massage ala carte prices TBD

Horseback Riding $50/person

We travel in comfort, safety and luxury because we value your top notch experience our reputation proceeds us...ask your friends...we don't travel anywhere we wouldn't take our children.  This is Kimi's 2nd RANCH RETREAT to Ocala aside from bringing her's a stunning grounding ESCAPE and rejuvenating atmosphere among gentle giants (Argentinian horses)and state of the art equestrian hub.  Celeb's like Laura Bush stay here, Brazilian Futbol players, and more.

* Everything you could want to do is within steps!  No need to worry about renting a car or fetching rides.  

Flights and airport transfer are not included.  Fly into ORLANDO 1.25 hours away or into Ocala.  Orlando is most accessible & affordable.

Bring a yoga mat & swimsuit & SPF.  

Weather is gorgeous in May!

ALL California Yoga RETREATS are NON-REFUNDALE but transferrable at your own risk. $500 is due now or pay infull to secure you reservation.

*We require Travel Insurance as each individual travelers own responsibility.  We require $500 deposit upfront & credit card stored in mindbody to reserve spots.  ALL retreats at CALIFORNIA YOGA are NON-REFUNDABLE but are transferrable.  We are not responsible for reselling your spot if your plans change but we will help you to the best of our ability!


Travel, Cali Yoga, Style...healthy, safe & luxe

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Wild Horses
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