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Apprenticeship at Cali Yoga is based on the transfer of knowledge from E-RYT, Kimi Rae to student. The student will complete 200 hours of study following Yoga Alliance requirements over a 3-6 month period of time. 



CALIFORNIA YOGA SCHOOL apprenticeship program allows participants to gain a yoga certification over time that will be personalized for each student's schedule. Apprentices will study, practice, and teach alongside Kimi Rae. Cali Yoga students will be immersed into a 200RYT, gaining insight into their own teaching abilities, increasing confidence, building awareness of holding space in the classroom, and refining their teaching voice through a more hands-on, personalized, and customized training. 


  1. Must have at least ONE year yoga experience or be approved based on level of knowledge and practice.

  2. You must have attended at least 10 CY classes.

  3. Identify personal teaching goals.

  4. Submit and plan a schedule with Kimi upon contract.

  5. $500 deposit

At Cali Yoga for CALIFORNIA YOGA SCHOOL , we follow the Yoga Alliance Standards

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